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Posts published in “Sour”

S.O.S. on the rocks (or The Titanic)

Servings:1 S.O.S. on the rocks (or The Titanic) Difficulty:Easy Strength:Hangover City Glass:Sour Instructions: Mix the ingredients togetherPour over ice Ingredients 1 oz (S)livovitz (plum brandy)9…

sex on the sidewalk

Servings:1 sex on the sidewalk Difficulty:Easy Strength:Mild Glass:Sour Instructions: Ingredients .5 shot Chamborde.5 shot Midori3/4 shot cranberry [Search form] Link


Servings:1 atmosphere Difficulty:Very Easy Strength:Strong Glass:Sour Instructions: firstpour the white sambuca into the shot glass then float the baileys leaving about 2ml from top of…

Milk Stiffy

Servings:1 Milk Stiffy Difficulty:Unknown Strength:Strong Glass:Sour Instructions: 1 part each over ice. Stir with a swizzle stick, perhaps. Ingredients A night cap type drink invented…


Servings:1 snagglepooty Difficulty:Easy Strength:Regular Glass:Sour Instructions: Can also be made into a shooter. Ingredients 1 oz. malibu3/4 oz. midori3/4 oz. amarettoequal parts: sours, cranberry, sprite…

Southern Sour Apple

Servings:1 Southern Sour Apple Difficulty:Very Easy Strength:Regular Glass:Sour Instructions: No Ingredients 1 shot Southern Comfort2 shots Apple Juice1 shot Sour Mix [Search form] Link

Coco’s mix

Servings:1 Coco\’s mix Difficulty:Easy Strength:Mild Glass:Sour Instructions: MIx all Togeather. Ingredients 3/4 oz vodka1/4 oz PEach SchnappsGingerale Ice [Search form] Link

Space Margarita

Servings:1 Space Margarita Difficulty:Easy Strength:Regular Glass:Sour Instructions: Mix and Pour ingredients Ingredients 1 1/4 oz tequila3/4 oz Midori2 oz sour [Search form] Link

Ballsbridge Bracer

Servings:1 Ballsbridge Bracer Difficulty:Easy Strength:Regular Glass:Sour Instructions: Miss all ingredients with cracked ice in a shaker or blender. Strain into a chilled Whiskey Sour glass.…

Quin from nusa dua

Servings:209 Quin from nusa dua Difficulty:Easy Strength:Regular Glass:Sour Instructions: shaker Ingredients 1oz vodka, 1oz Whiterum, 1oz gin, 1oz Tequila, 1oz triplesec 0,5 scotch whisky,2oz orange…

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