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liquid alian

Servings:1 liquid alian Difficulty:Expert Strength:Strong Glass:Any Instructions: fill to the top with pineapple juice and serve with ice Ingredients 1/2 oz captain morgain1/2 oz malibu…

hot damm

Servings:12 hot damm Difficulty:Expert Strength:Strong Glass:Shot Pony Instructions: shake all ingredients adding OJ to tasteserve in shot glasses or shooters Ingredients 1 oz vodka1oz rum1/2…

XxX (Version Two)

Servings:1 XxX Difficulty:Expert Strength:Hangover City Glass:Shot Pony Instructions: add the first tequila to the second and the third tequila and don\’t forget to provide the…

Purle rain

Servings:1 Purle rain Difficulty:Expert Strength:Strong Glass:Cocktail Instructions: half and half Ingredients Hpnotiq and Nuvo [Search form] Link

bacardi coctail

Servings:1 bacardi coctail Difficulty:Expert Strength:Regular Glass:Stem Cocktail Instructions: I don\’nt know Ingredients bacardi, grenedine, etc [Search form] Link

alaskan thunder f@%k

Servings:1 alaskan thunder f@%k Difficulty:Expert Strength:Strong Glass:Beer Mug Instructions: mix all together, shake, and serve on the rocks and garnish with a cherry. Ingredients amarettoJack…

pimp drank

Servings:1 pimp drank Difficulty:Expert Strength:Hangover City Glass:Any Instructions: Shot or drank Ingredients 101, 151, captain Morgan Razzmatazz @ cranberry [Search form] Link

Wild Goose Fart

Servings:1 Wild Goose Fart Difficulty:Expert Strength:Hangover City Glass:Cocktail Instructions: Miz to serve Ingredients 1/4 Bacardi 1511/4 Wild Turkey1/4 Captain Morgan1/4 Coca Cola [Search form] Link

King’s Shit

Servings:1 King\’s Shit Difficulty:Expert Strength:Hangover City Glass:Any Instructions: rim glass with sugar in shaker w/ ice combine vodka rum & everclear strain into glass over…

kaos xxx

Servings:1 kaos xxx Difficulty:Expert Strength:Hangover City Glass:Hurricane Instructions: shake with ice serve over ice Ingredients Gin,vodka,tequila,rum,midori,curacco [Search form] Link

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